Basic Information – Deepsy
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Basic Information

Deepsy is the new-age marketplace with the commission-free buit-in multisig escrow, cross-site encryption and lots of vendors
First of all, we are here to bring the most advanced safety standards to our users. On Deepsy we use the unique cross-site encryption system, we call it DDK – Deepsy DeepKey. This technology is developed by our coders so it meets all the deepweb marketplace standards. Briefly speaking, users need just one this DeepKey to encrypt/decrypt all their data, message to vendors, control their deals and other things. More info about the DeepKey can be found in a certain Support section.
Well, in Deepsy we believe in freedom and private life. We respect our users and want them to feel comfortable and safe in our marketplace. Also, we want too bring new safety standards to this industry like DeepKey and multisig escrow.
Generally speaking, you are allowed to do whatever you want except these few things:
  • No child porn propaganda
  • No spam in comments and messages
  • Be respectful to other users, vendors and admins
Yes, absolutely safe. Besides cross-site encryption with the DeepKey, Deepsy offers multisig escrow. When you start a deal with any vendor, you pay to the marketplace and your coins are stored on a special escrow wallet until you get the products. When you received them, you just click the “Release Money” button from the dashboard or if not, click “Refund” button and get your coins back automatically.
Literally, not. But you have to get the DeepKey to encrypt your data and to be in control of your deals. This process is simple and takes no longer than 1 minute.
Sometimes our main link may be down due to various reasons. Bookmark our server status page – oa3wgebhm535xo7uvebiotxpsohqrfbivzshqrm6ezyiyoxi66adomyd.onion – and Telegram channel – @Deepsy_Market – to know the accurate info about our service, all major updates and contact information.