Escrow – Deepsy
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It is an independent third party between a customer and a vendor. Client’s money are stored on the unique wallet address until the client either decides to release money to the vendor or cancel the deal and get full refund. It is all automated process.
This wallet will be used in case of refund. Refund is automated when you click the certain button. In order to make your experience on Deepsy even more smooth and pleasure, we are asking for yoour wallet address.
It is a time when the client has to decide what to with the deal: release money or cancel and refund. Each vendor has it’s own inspection policiies, ask it before placing the order.
Well, it is very easy and straightformawrd:
  • Place an order with any vendor on your choice
  • Make a payment
  • Watch your order status from your dashboard
  • When you got the product choose this deal future: release money or cancel and refund
Literally, not. But you have to get the DeepKey to encrypt your data and to be in control of your deals. This process is simple and takes no longer than 1 minute.
It is free of charge. However, we will charge a seller our commission.
Getting refund is autometed after you click the Cancel button from your order dashboard. Be sure to provide correct wallet address when placing the order
Don’t worry, your are safe anyway. Sometimes the delivery can be delayed due to various reasons such as high load at the customs, delivery companies strikes, viruses, whether conditions and any other reason. Message vendor and ask for tracking number or any otheer proofs of the completed delivery. Give this situation a couple of days before you decide to cancel the deal.
Some clients forget their DeepKeys, some clients make no actions after getting their products. In this case that would be unfair to leave vendor without payment. Especially to prevent such possible scam from the buyers, we did next: if no action taken by the buyer within 15 days after the order is marked as finished, escrow money automatically go to the vendor. However, if for some reason the client decides to refund these money after 15 days period, he can do that by filing a dispute from his dashboard.