How To Order – Deepsy
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How To Order

  • Choose the vendor from the list or pick up the category you are interested in
  • Enter the amount of product you want
  • Enter your shipping information
  • Enter your DeepKey or choose the “Generate the DeepKey” if you don’t have it yet. Then proceed to checkout
  • Follow the payment instructions on the screen
Once placed the order, it can be tracked from the dashboard
Literally, you don’t need an account. But you have to get the DeepKey to encrypt your data and to be in control of your deals. This process is simple and takes no longer than 1 minute.
It is what we use here on Deepsy instead of old-fashioned logins and passwords. DeepKey is a randomized passphrase that is used to encrypt/decrypt all your data and messages. It also serves as a key to order dashboard.
Yes, it is. It will be encrypted with the DeepKey. Imagine if the vendor has to contact you but you are not online on Deepsy. Then he will email you. Or another case: you’ve ordered something with the email delivery. It is obvious that your email address has to be valid and active. We recommend using onionland email providers such as Secmail, Elude or disposable clearnet emails.
Yes, absolutely safe. Besides cross-site encryption with the DeepKey, Deepsy offers multisig escrow. When you start a deal with any vendor, you pay to the marketplace and your coins are stored on a special escrow wallet until you get the products. When you received them, you just click the “Release Money” button from the dashboard or if not, click “Refund” button and get your coins back automatically.
Yes, it is. It will be encrypted with the DeepKey.
Unfortunately, there is no way to edit it because everything is encrypted. However, you can message vendor and ask him to ship products to a new address. If this option is not the case and the mistake made was big, and you haven’t paid the order then you have to place another order. Or message Deepsy Support team. Our stuff will suggest you the best solution.
You get 5% cashback Coin on all orders, when Coins haven’t been used as a payment. These Coins will be linked to your DeepKey, so we recommend using the same DeepKey for every order to accumulate more coins. 1 Coin = 1 USD
You receive 5% cashback Coins with each deal when Coins haven’t been used as a payment. 1 Coin = 1 USD
You can use Coins of a maximum of 20% of your deal sum. For instance, you have 100 Coins and you start a deal of 50 USD value. In this case you can spend 10 Coins max. 1 Coin = 1 USD