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There are many ways to buy Bitcoin anonymously with a credit card, paypal, bank transfer, gift card or anything else. One of the best, quick and anonymous methods is buy in on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform. On such platforms you buy crypto directly from another person through the built-in escrow, which is safe. Here is the list: Another good way to buy Bitcoin anonymously with cash is through the ATM. You can find the nearest to you on Coin ATM Radar One more way to buy Bitcoin is through the exchanger. Here is the list of international exchangers: This list is not complete because there are hundreds of local services selling Bitcoin. Visit for the full list
To buy things on TOR we recommend you to have identity-free wallet. These wallets do not require your documents but give a full control of your assets. Usually such wallets are installed to your computer or a smartphone. Here is the list of secure Bitcoin wallets: It is obvious that this list is not full because there are hundreds of more wallets but these ones we either tested by ourselves or our clients. When choosing a wallet pay attention to the way it stores your wallet private keys: some apps allow you export them in one click, some don’t even show them! Without the key you are in no control of your assets! By the way, wallets from our list give the full control of your coins and keys.
There is another way to store your Bitcoins which is good for hardcore geeks only – paper wallet. The main pros of these wallets is that it is not conneccted to the network. Instead of the app you have a paper with your wallet address, private key and balance. These wallets are impossible to track or hack but it’s a little biit tricky to make and store – paper is know to be weak against water, fire or whatever. Visit this guide with step by step instructions how to get your first Bitcoin paper wallet.
If you still haven’t found your favourite wallet, then check the for more options. NEVER REGISTER WALLETS ON TOR – 90% OF THEM ARE SCAMS, YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY!
No matter how a vendor ensures you in his safe delivery methods, extra cautions is always good. All people make mistakes and even our carefully selected vendors are not the robots. So, vendor does his part but you should do yours too. See our recommendations on how to receive any kind of shady goods from TOR:
  • Frist of all, try to not use your real address and name. If using a different address sometimes may be tricky, at least put a fake name. In that case you can always say that this parcel is not yours because it’s not for your name.
  • To hide your real address you can buy or hire a PO Box. Just visit your nearest post office and ask about that. Usually it costs few dollars per month but it can save you a lot of time or even freedom.
  • Next option of youo have loots of extra money and planning to receive things from TOR very often and in bulk. It is hiring a drop service. These people will receive all stuff for you and then either resend them to you or deliver to your address with a courier – if they are in your region. This option is the most expensive (starts from $30 per parcel or few hundreds for month subscription) but is erases all possbile trails to you.
  • If you are short in money and want to get rid of some of your friends you can use their home address.
  • Office address is also a good and free option.
  • If you can predict the exact date of the delivery then you can book a room in a hotel and wait for the courier there.
Some digital goods like accounts or gift cards are usually sent via email. That would be stupid of you to use your private Gmail account. Never do that! Use onionland email providers such as or Protonmail. Using self-destructing email address is also a good solution.
Use your brains. Don’t buy things “just for fun”. Always take extra security measures.